The Best Betting Exchange Sites and Apps in India 2024

India has seen a great boom in the trend of online betting with an increasing number of individuals being attracted to the thrill and potential benefits of sports betting, there is a growing demand for trustworthy online betting exchange sites and online betting exchange apps.

best exchange betting sites in india

Sports betting exchange is where bettors can place bets with one another or place them against a bookmaker. This implies that you have the freedom to wager on the result of an event irrespective of your prediction regarding the success or failure of a team or player. In India, several betting exchanges are in operation. 

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The Best Betting Exchange Sites in India of February 2024

T&Cs 18+
  • Wide range of sports and events to bet on
  • Legality and safety due to Curacao licensing
  • Quick payments and withdrawals
  • Support for cryptocurrency transactions
Payment speed
1-2 days
Min. deposit
Withdrawal limits
Welcome bonus
Casino: ₹90 000 | Cricket Weekly: 30%
More information
Casino Welcome Pack: 100% up to ₹90 000 | Mega Sports Welcome Pack: ₹37 000 + 3 Free Bets | Cricket - Weekly Sport Bonus 30% | Sport Weekly Bonus 50% | Sport - Daily Reload 25% | Weekend Special Bonus: 50% + ₹250 Freebet | Casino - Cricket Herores 40% Bonus | Casino 50% Weekly Reload Bonus up to ₹15,000 | Crash Games Deposit Bonus up to ₹20,000!
Banking options
#2Pin-up Cricket
T&Cs 18+
  • Accepting cryptocurrency
  • Offering a vast array of over 30,000 sports events monthly
  • Providing support in Hindi
Payment speed
72 hours
Min. deposit
Withdrawal limits
₹500 - ₹900 000
Welcome bonus
up to ₹50 000
More information
Spin a Wheel and get Multiple Welcome Bonuses up to ₹50 000
Banking options
T&Cs 18+
  • This casino welcomes players from many countries
  • The website supports multiple languages
  • Lottery is available
  • Mobile Casino App for both Android and iOS
Payment speed
24 hours
Min. deposit
Withdrawal limits
250000 INR
Welcome bonus
₹136 100 + 150 FS
More information
1st Deposit Bonus on Sport ₹20,000 | Casino Bonus ₹136100 + 150 FS Casino | Freebet on 1st Deposit ₹8820
Banking options
T&Cs 18+
  • Casino + Sport Bonus up to 700%
  • Wide range of betting options
  • User-friendly interface
Payment speed
24 hours
Min. deposit
Withdrawal limits
Welcome bonus
₹10 000 Crash Games | ₹5 000 Sport
More information
Crash Games 1st Deposit Bonus 700% (up to 10 000 INR) + Sport Welcome Bonus 700% (Up to 5000 INR)
Banking options
T&Cs 18+
  • 500% bonus up to 80,500 INR
  • Easy navigation.
  • Option to search for games or providers.
Payment speed
24 hours
Min. deposit
1000 INR
Withdrawal limits
400 INR - 90.000 INR
Welcome bonus
Sport: 500% Casino: 500% Cashback: 30%
More information
500% on Sport | 500% on Casino Games | Up to 30% Cashback
Banking options
T&Cs 18+
  • Welcome Bonus 124500 INR + 150 FS
  • Wide Choice of Bonuses and Promotions
  • Multiple Payment Methods
Payment speed
1-2 days
Min. deposit
1500 INR
Withdrawal limits
2000000 INR
Welcome bonus
Casino Up to 124500 INR + 150 FS
More information
Casino: 124500 INR + 150 FS | Sports: up to 8700 INR | FreeBet Up to 9104 INR
Banking options
T&Cs 18+
  • Extensive betting options
  • Generally good odds
  • Aviator Bonus
Payment speed
2-3 days
Min. deposit
Withdrawal limits
10000 INR
Welcome bonus
Sport ₹33 000, Casino ₹130000 + 150 FS
More information
Sport 1st Deposit Bonus ₹33 000, Casino Welcome Bonus ₹130000 + 150 FS
Banking options
T&Cs 18+
  • Welcome Bonus 60,000 INR
  • Accept Bitcoins
  • Big variety of games
  • Quick registration available
Payment speed
1-2 days
Min. deposit
500 INR
Withdrawal limits
Not Limited
Welcome bonus
150% up to ₹ 60,000 + 20 FB
More information
Complete registration to receive up 60 000 INR casino bonus plus 20 free bets
Banking options
T&Cs 18+
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Innovative Features
  • Customer Focus
Payment speed
1 day
Min. deposit
300 INR
Withdrawal limits
2000000 INR
Welcome bonus
150% + 50 FS
More information
Banking options
T&Cs 18+
  • Bonus up to 100 000 INR
  • Pretty and easy-to-use site
  • Good Bonuses for Indian Players
Payment speed
1-2 days
Min. deposit
500 INR
Withdrawal limits
1,000 INR - 100 000 INR
Welcome bonus
200% + 75 FS
More information
Welcome bonus 200% + 75 freespins to the first deposit up to 100000 INR, wager x50
Banking options
T&Cs 18+
  • Quick one-click registration
  • A massive selection of games available
  • Live dealer games are available
  • Mobile casino for both iOS and Android operating systems
Payment speed
1 to 3 days
Min. deposit
Not Limited
Withdrawal limits
Not Limited
Welcome bonus
25 000 INR + 250 FS
More information
25 000 INR + 250 Free Spins
Banking options

Popular Indian Betting Exchange Sites 

Here are some of the popular betting exchanges in India, along with a brief overview of each.


Fun88 has been offering quality betting exchange services in India since 2009. It is one of the largest online gambling platforms in Asia with exciting bonuses and seamless payment options.

  • Fun88 offers rich betting exchange options
  • Innovative app with ultra modern features
  • Welcome bonus of up to 200% reaching ₹15000
  • Efficient customer support services


Satbet is one of the latest betting exchange sites in India, but it is one of the favourite options in Asia. Satbet has vast betting variety and rich bonuses for its new and returning players

  • Optimum site for Indian Premier League betting 
  • Wide betting market local and internation sport activities
  • Innovative mobile app
  • Mouth-watering bonuses


Dafabet stands out with its sleek interface and wide sports betting market. This Asia-focused betting exchange site supports competitive odds, offers rich bonuses and provides excellent customer services 

  • Covers several Indian and Asian sporting activities
  • Welcome bonus of up to 160% reaching ₹16000
  • Innovative payment options 


WinDaddy is one of the best sportsbook and at the same time one of the best Indian Casinos Online. It runs on an innovative 

  • Exciting cashback options
  • Innovative mobile apps
  • Three sports betting exchange options


Crickex is popular among sports fans and cricket enthusiasts. The betting exchange site is also popular for its mobile app and exciting bonuses:

  • A Betfair affiliate
  • Live gaming option
  • Navigable website
  • Rich bonuses and promotions


Exchmarket is a popular online betting exchange in India. The platform has gained recognition worldwide for its user-friendly interface and a wide range of sports markets. In addition, it provides features that are widely favored by exchange sports betting enthusiasts. These include the option to place bets on events and the convenience of utilizing UPI payments.


  • It has a website and betting exchange app that support many languages and currencies like Hindi and IN
  • It also provides live 24/7 customer service
  • A new player is entitled to up to ₹10,000 as their deposit bonus.
  • Exchmarket stands out in the area of Live Betting whereby users are allowed to place their bets while the games are ongoing hence increasing thrill when sports betting happens.


  • One potential downside is that there may be some delays when settling bets although these delays are usually minor.
  • Additionally, there is a commission applied to winning bets.
  • For those who are new to exchange sports betting it might take some time to get accustomed to this platform and its unique features, including the betting exchange app.


Sky247 is another popular exchange betting site in India that has made a name for its good interface and comprehensive coverage of diverse sports. Whether you are a big fan of football or cricket exchange online or any other game Sky247 has you covered. The platform provides users with a selection of betting opportunities, which encompass both pre-match and in-play markets. This allows individuals to engage in real-time sports betting on their sports.


  • One of the benefits of Sky247 is its betting exchange app ensuring a smooth and convenient betting experience on the go.
  • Sky247 provides a cash-out option that allows users to secure their profits or limit losses during games.
  • Additionally, they offer bonus deals and weekly promotions for both existing customers.
  • As an added perk you can receive a ₹250 bet from Sky247 for every friend you refer.


  • Payment options limitation- Certain users perceive Sky247 to offer a limited range of payment options compared to other platforms.
  • Poor customer support- Although the platform has customer support the response time varies from some best exchange betting sites in India


Parimatch is a trusted platform for betting exchanges in India that has been catering to the needs of users for quite some time now. With its user interface, a wide range of sports options, and competitive odds, Parimatch has emerged as a preferred choice among sports enthusiasts in India.


  • Parimatch has developed a betting exchange app that is powered by Betfair, known as the most active exchange in the market.
  • This platform also offers streaming for events, which adds to the overall betting experience.
  • The platform does not only have traditional bets but also provides exchange options including exchange cricket betting.
  • It also has tons of regular promotions and quick withdrawals


  • Some users have reported occasional technical glitches, which can disrupt the betting experience.
  • It may not be available in all regions of India, limiting access for some users.
  • Occasional delays in withdrawals.


Indibet is a new entrant in the Indian betting exchange market. However, it has swiftly gained traction owing to its user interface and appealing promotional offers. This platform is exclusively an Indian exchange betting site and provides users with an extensive selection of sports and casino options to place bets on.


  • The interface of Indibet is designed to be user friendly allowing both experienced bettors and newcomers to easily navigate and place their bets.
  • Indibet provides a mobile exchange app that allows users to conveniently enjoy betting on their sports.
  • The platform takes pride in its helpful customer support.
  • It offers a selection of sports and betting options, including cricket exchange online, football, tennis, and more.


  • Delays in customer support response
  • Indibet is primarily an Indian exchange cricket site hence mainly caters to the market, which could potentially reduce its attractiveness to users, from countries.

What is a Betting Exchange? The Ultimate Guide!

Betting exchange is a new gambling feature that allows players to wager against one another without a bookmaker. In a betting exchange, the players receive bets from other players and choose to either accept the wager or refuse when they don’t see any winning chance.

The peer-to-peer structure of betting exchange works with any situation. A player can make a wager about a sport activity, political situation, or any other random event. Other players in the betting exchange can respond by accepting the wager and betting against the first player. They don’t need a bookmaker to determine the odds, instead the players place their stakes and increase the odds as they want.

How does Betting Exchange Work?

In Betting exchange, players oversee the bet as the bookmakers, but they are also the contenders for the payout. These roles give them all the power in the bet exchange, it also offers better winning opportunities.

Most betting exchanges start when a user places a bet on an activity, like the cricket match between West Indies and India. The player may place a wager that India would win the match at a simple 70:1 odds. In response, any other player that disagrees or sees a different outcome may accept the wager and bet against it. 

The two users will decide the bet and manage odds of their wager without any third-party. In fact, the bet exchange site only offers the platform for these users to meet and exchange their bets. The site will not influence the odds, or play any other role after connecting the users.

Betting exchanges work on two betting structures; the players can either back the bet or lay the bet.

Backing a Bet

Players can back a bet by wagering that the event would occur. Players can back bets when they agree with another user’s bet and stake their money on the same outcomes.

Laying a Bet

Laying a bet works as the opposite of backing the bet. Here, the user expects a different outcome from the original bet and places their stakes against it. 

For example, you can back the bet that India would win their next cricket match against the West Indies. Of course it is entirely up to you if you choose to lay the bet. Who knows, you might be right.

In-Play Bet

In-play bet remains one of the most innovative features of sports betting, but it is more rewarding in betting exchange. In-play bets allows the players to place their bet after an activity has started. This feature gives players the opportunity to assess the games before placing their bets, increasing the game volatility and their winning chances. 

You should also know that betting exchange sites in India are not charity betting sites, they make their gains off every bet. Betting exchange sites get their commissions from the winnings in every bet. The losing player does not have to pay any commission, but the site gets a percentage of the winner’s payout.


There are several excellent online betting exchange sites in India and they offer similar services. The similarity is proof of good betting standards in India, but it also affects how new users choose their betting exchange. 

But no worries, our list of betting exchange requirements is the best guide on selecting a good betting exchange site

  • Select duly regulated service providers
  • Compare the recommended sports and markers options
  • Local and effective payment options
  • Mobile apps
  • Simple navigations and interactive designs

Betting Exchange Vs. Traditional Bookmakers

sports exchange betting

Betting exchanges and traditional bookmakers are platforms that enable individuals to place bets on a range of events, including sports, politics, entertainment, and more. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the disparities between them before deciding which option suits you best. Understanding the differences will ensure you make an informed decision that meets your preferences. Below are key distinctions, between betting exchanges and traditional bookmakers.

The primary distinction, between exchange sports betting and traditional bookmakers, lies in the fact that a betting exchange enables you to place bets against bettors than against the house as in most traditional bookmakers. In this scenario, you have the freedom to determine your odds and make a decision, on whether to support or oppose a bet. When you back a bet means you are wagering on an outcome to occur while laying a bet suggests that you are betting against an outcome taking place. For instance, in exchange cricket, if you back India to win in a cricket match it signifies that you are predicting India’s victory. Conversely when you lay India to win it implies that you anticipate either a loss or a draw. In addition, you will have the option to determine the cricket exchange rate.

The other distinction lies in the odds provided. Traditional bookmakers usually provide fixed odds meaning that the odds are determined when placing the bet and stay the same. On the other hand, one of the aspects that sets betting exchanges apart like the ones you can find on a trusted betting exchange app or dedicated cricket exchange betting sites is the changing nature of odds. This dynamic feature offers users a chance to explore value and potentially earn returns, on their wagers. For instance, imagine you’re using a popular betting exchange app to bet on a cricket match. Initially, the odds for a specific outcome are set at 2.0. However, as more users engage with the market and place bets, the odds can change in real-time. If a significant number of users start backing the team you are backing the odds might shorten to 1.8, reflecting a growing consensus in favor of that outcome.

The other distinction between betting exchanges and traditional bookmakers is regarding the handling of profits. Betting exchanges typically apply a commission on bets while traditional bookmakers incorporate their profit margin into the odds they provide. The specific commission rates may differ across betting exchange platforms. It is therefore crucial to take into account these rates when selecting a betting exchange app or website.

Betting Exchange Sites How-to

Betting exchange is a new feature in our gambling space, but it is simple and safe to use. You can start using any of the world-class sites we have listed above and get huge payouts immediately. Here is a step-by-step guide to using any betting exchange site:

Sign up on a betting exchange site you like

Like other online gambling options, creating an account is the first step to using any betting exchange site. These sites maintain similar registration requirements, you can join as soon as you provide your email address, username, password and some general information. Most times, you can join directly from your Google, Apple, or Facebook accounts.

Signing up with betting exchange sites also comes with some benefits beside the general access to the betting platform. Betting exchange sites in India offer simple signup bonuses and other incentives to improve your gambling experience. 

Make a deposit and claim bonuses.

Players have more control over their gaming experience at the best betting exchange sites in India, including their payments. To start placing bets, you have to make a simple deposit that allows you to back or lay another user’s bet.

Making deposits also opens you to receiving the generous welcome and deposit bonuses available at these betting sites. These bonuses offer risk-free opportunities for the players to enjoy the exciting betting exchange experience.

Place bets on the betting exchange site/app.

Now that you have registered and made your deposit, you have easy access to the betting exchange options. You can start a fresh bet by creating a bet exchange for an event. The other option is to lay or back an existing bet.

When placing bets on betting exchanges, you can adjust the odds and increase the stakes as you want. You can increase your winning chances and ultimate payout before you even place any bet.

Guide to Betting Trading Exchange – Tips and Strategies

Trading on a betting exchange can offer both excitement and potential profit. Whether you’re using a betting exchange app or another platform engaging in betting exchange trading can be a thrilling and potentially lucrative opportunity.  However, it’s important to remember that successful trading requires skill, discipline, and patience. To assist you in making informed and strategic decisions we have compiled tips and strategies for achieving success when using platforms like cricket exchange betting sites.

Features of Betting Exchange Sites

Betting exchange sites may offer unique gambling experiences, but they are similar to conventional online betting sites. Check out the basic features of most online betting exchange sites in India.

Bonus Offer

Bonus offers are some of the highlights of any betting site. The best betting exchange sites in India maintain the online gambling bonus culture by offering rich bonuses to their new and returning players. 

New players at these betting exchange sites get Welcome bonuses of up to 300% as soon as they complete their registration. The bonuses may be available for 7 or more days, but they provide risk-free winning chances for the new players.

Betting Variety

Betting exchange is an innovative betting variety, and it offers multiple betting options. Here, the players determine the betting variety the same way they control the odds and stakes. The betting variety in these betting exchange sites include any event or odds that the players want to wager on.

Mobile Experience

Most betting exchange sites start on websites that work on mobile browsers. Some betting exchange sites also have mobile apps that are compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

These websites and mobile apps offer interactive designs, simple gaming interfaces and vast betting exchange portfolio. These mobile apps are not different from their browser alternatives because they allow the players to enjoy the same games and rewards.

Betting Experience

Betting exchange allows players to control their overall gaming experience by deciding who they wager against and their odds rate. The peer-system of these betting exchange sites makes them the most innovative options to get high payouts without any winning penalty. 

The betting experience at these betting exchange sites compares easily with the conventional online bet sites. Unlike regular bet sites that have limited odds level, bet exchange sites give their players absolute control over their gaming experience including their odds and payout rates.

Registration and License

Before you start participating in any betting exchange activities it is extremely important to make sure that the platform you select is properly licensed. Opting for a licensed platform guarantees the safety of your funds and ensures that all your betting activities are carried out fairly and transparently. It’s not a matter of choosing any platform, it is about selecting the best exchange betting sites in India that prioritize your safety and overall satisfaction.

For example, when considering apps choose a betting exchange app that is regulated by reputable authorities. If you are in India, you could look for platforms that have been licensed by government bodies or recognized gambling commissions. These regulations not only protect your interests as a user but also establish clear guidelines for responsible gambling practices and ensure that the platform maintains high-quality standards.

Awareness on Gambling

Engaging in betting exchange trading through a betting exchange app can be an exhilarating experience, but it comes with inherent risks that must be approached with caution and responsibility. One of the fundamental principles of responsible gambling is having Gambling Awareness. For instance, before initiating any betting activities on your preferred betting exchange app, establish a clear and manageable budget. This financial boundary should be carefully determined, taking into account your financial circumstances and responsibilities.

Participating in betting exchange trading using a betting exchange app can be quite thrilling.  However, it is important to approach it with caution and responsibility due to the risks involved. A key aspect of gambling is awareness. For instance, before you start placing any bets on your betting exchange app it’s crucial to establish a defined and manageable budget. The budget should be carefully determined, taking into consideration your situation and obligations. In any exchange trading activity, you must always prepare for the worst outcomes. For instance, the trading cricket exchange rate can sometimes fluctuate and you may incur losses, which is just a part of the game. It is therefore important to resist the urge to chase these losses by placing bets since this can result in difficulties and emotional pressure.

Functionality Cookies

Betting exchange apps heavily rely on cookies to greatly enhance your user experience. These cookies play a role in remembering your preferences, which helps customize your betting journey and provides you with the information you need. It’s highly recommended to embrace the use of cookies as they’re vital, in ensuring a smooth and personalized betting experience within the app. By allowing these cookies you can enjoy a tailored interaction, with the platform making it easier to navigate, place bets, and stay updated on the latest odds and events.

Privacy Protection

When engaging in trading activities particularly in cricket exchange online it is essential to prioritize the protection of your privacy and data. Choose platforms that have security measures, including encryption technology and secure payment gateways. Additionally, carefully review the platform’s privacy policy to fully understand how your personal information will be handled, protected, and stored. This ensures a stress-free experience while engaging in online cricket betting exchanges.

football betting

Betting Exchanges on Football Betting

Football is a favored sport for betting exchange trading as it presents a lot of chances for lucrative trades. When betting on football, things like the performance of teams, and player injuries with head-to-head statistics should be considered. Furthermore, it is advantageous through different platforms to keep up with market trends and take advantage of any odds disparities that may arise for trades. Also, ensure you stay up to date with the football news and carefully analyze how it could impact the odds and the overall betting market.

Betting Exchange Sites: Payment Options

Payment at the best betting exchange sites in India includes convenient payment options. The payment options at these sites encourage seamless transactions and help the players get their payout in time. Top betting exchange sites in India use modern payment options that support instant deposits and fast withdrawals for their players.

Payment options for deposit

The deposit options at betting exchange sites include conventional online gaming deposit options like bank deposits, wired transfers, eWallet payments, and cryptocurrencies. These banking options support seamless instant deposits. The popular betting exchange deposit options in India include:

  • UPI
  • Netbanking
  • Google Pay
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • PayTM
  • Paysafecard
  • Entropay
  • PhonePe

Payment options for withdrawals

Withdrawal at most betting exchange sites use the similar payment methods as the deposits. Most players prefer to make withdrawals through UPI or their credit/debit cards, but Netbanking remains the most popular payment system.

Best Betting Exchange Sites Compared 

The best betting exchange sites in India offer excellent gaming experiences. These sites maintain standards for their games, payment options and bonuses. We have reviewed the best betting exchange sites and compared them below:

Betting Exchange Site Site Ranking Licence Bonuses Bonus Validity Period Maximum Bonus Amount Deposit Method Minimum Deposit
Fun88 Nil E-Gaming Montenegro Welcome Bonus 45 days ₹15,000 Visa/Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Entropay ₹100
Satbet Nil Curacao  Gaming Authority  Welcome Bonus 10 days ₹16,000 Visa/Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard,  G Pay ₹100
Dafabet Nil UKGCCagayan Economic Zone Authority Welcome Bonus 30 days ₹30,000 UPI, Visa/Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Google Pay ₹100

Why Use Betting Exchange Sites?

Betting exchange sites are popular for their unconventional gaming reward and high payout. However, there is more to the betting experience than just unique gaming experience and quality rewards. Here are some pros and cons of the betting exchange sites:

Pros of Betting Exchange Sites

  • Players can lay bets, which means they can go against an existing bet.
  • Better odds than regular gambling sites
  • Players control their betting interaction

Cons of Betting Exchange Sites

  • Limited bonus and incentive
  • Fewer betting exchange options
  • Betting exchange sites are attractive to match fixers

Top Reviewed Betting Exchange Apps in India

A betting exchange app is designed to enable users to access and utilize betting exchanges on their devices. These apps provide advantages for traders including convenience, fast performance, flexibility, and the ability to use them anywhere. However, it’s crucial to select a betting exchange app that aligns with your requirements and preferences as not all options are equal, in terms of functionality. In India, you can find betting exchange apps to choose from. Here is a list of the five betting exchange apps, in India along with some reviews, from users.

cricket exchange betting sites


Exchmarket has gained popularity as a go to betting exchange app that caters to a range of betting markets. What sets it apart is its appeal to bettors offering features like event betting and the convenience of UPI payments.


  • The app offers a wide selection of betting markets.
  • The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Exchmarket has a good reputation in the industry.
  • It also offers competitive odds.


  • The app offers limited promotions.
  • Has a relatively low liquidity may be relatively low.


CRICKEX is a platform exclusively catering to cricket enthusiasts by providing a variety of betting options and cricket exchange online for cricket matches. It also offers a range of betting markets and features that are highly sought after by cricket bettors including the option to place bets on events and the convenience of using Indian rupees for transactions.


  • The platform provides competitive odds
  • It is always introducing innovative features that help improve the betting experience
  • Variety cash-out option Fast and secure withdrawals


  • Sometimes it can take a while for customer support to get back, to you
  • Users have mentioned experiencing technical difficulties.


WINDADDY is a betting exchange app that provides sports enthusiasts with a comprehensive gaming experience for Indian players. With this app, you can place bets on a range of sporting events, including football, tennis, basketball, horse racing betting, and more. Additionally, it offers streaming services, real-time scores, live commentary, and detailed statistics.


  • Wide range of betting markets
  • Competitive odds
  • Live betting option
  • Accepts UPI payments
  • Good customer support


  • The platform does not offer the option to bet using currencies.
  • There are reports of withdrawal delays.


DAFABET is widely recognized as a long-standing betting platform globally. This exchange app leverages the power of Betfair, which happens to be the most active exchange, in the industry. They provide a selection of betting options covering sports, like cricket, football, and kabaddi. Additionally, they offer sought-after features, for bettors including the option to bet on live events and the convenience of using Indian rupees.


  • High liquidity and competitive odds
  • Reliable and reputable brand
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Professional customer service


  • High minimum deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Complex verification process


FUN88 is a gambling platform that caters to sports enthusiasts with its betting exchange feature. The betting app provides an opportunity to place bets on a range of sports, including cricket, football, tennis, basketball, horse racing, and more. Moreover, it boasts a user interface that simplifies the process of exploring markets for players.


  • Well-known and reputable brand
  • Powered by Betfair
  • Variety of gambling options
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Complex verification process
  • Limited bonus offers

Betting Exchange – Frequently Asked Questions 

Which exchange is best for betting?

India is full of quality betting exchange platforms that offer rich payours and excellent gaming experiences. It is almost impossible to select the best betting exchange but we have review some of our favourites above.

Is betting exchange legal in India?

Players in India have access to quality betting exchange options. The best betting exchange sites in India allow seamless access and convenient payment systems from all parts of the country. Unfortunately, most of them operate from offshore bases because all real-money gambling activities are illegal in India. But if you want to play safe – look up our Legal Indian Betting Top.

How do betting exchanges work?

Betting exchange is a peer-based betting system where the players determine every action including the event, odds, and odds. The betting structure allows the players to place their wager on any activities and raise or reduce the odds without a bookmaker or other third-parties. Players in Betting exchange can launch new bets, back or lay a bet, or attempt in-play betting.

Are betting exchanges better?

Most players would agree that the betting exchange is the best online gambling structure. It gives players absolute control over their gambling experience and offers better winning chances than conventional betting systems. It is also one of the most rewarding sports betting structures in India.

What is Betfair?

Betfair is one of the largest betting exchange companies in the world. It has been in operations since 2000, making it the longest standing online betting exchange service provider. 

Is Betfair exchange available in India?

Betfair has been operating out of London, UK since 2000 and its reach has spread into several countries Europe, Africa, and Asia. Despite the heavy gambling restrictions in India, Betfair made its Indian debut in 2010 and has become the foremost bet exchange operation in all parts of India.

Is Betfair safe to use?

Betfair has been operating with a comprehensive UK Gaming Commission licence since 2000. The company is one of the most reputable gambling institutions in the United Kingdom and it maintains that standard everywhere else, including India. We are confident about Betfair’s service and recommend it to all players.

What is the best way to use betting exchanges?

Betting exchange is available at the players’ discretion. Players decide most features of the bets and how they can make money from their wager. The simplest way to use betting exchange is to either set up a new bet or match an existing one. When matching an existing bet, you can back or lay the bet. Either option can affect the game odds and increase your chances of winning.

What is a back bet?

A back bet is the bet you place in support of an existing bet. You can place this bet when you agree with the existing bet and stake your wager to increase the pot. Most players back bets when they are confident that it offers winning chances than the alternative.

What is a lay bet?

Laying a bet is the alternative to backing a bet. You can lay a bet when you don’t agree with the original bet or think that the odds are not in its favour. Lay bets are usually the riskier betting option because it is against the original bet and feels like the player is going against general and acceptable opinion.

What is an In-play bet?

Like most sports betting options, betting exchange allows the players to place their bets while the game is in progress. In-play bet is one of the most rewarding options because they can place their bets after the game has started making it more volatile and rewarding. 

Do you pay a commission to the betting exchange if you lose a bet?

The betting exchange sites allow different players to make their bet exchanges on the same platforms in exchange for a commission. This commission comes from the total bets staked by both parties. This total stake is usually the total stake given to the winner of the bet exchange. However, the best betting exchanges in India maintain fairness by taking their commission from the winner, not the loser.

What is sports trading in a betting exchange?

Sports trading happens when a player places two opposite bets in an attempt to make profit. Here, the player backs a bet and lays it at the time in order to reduce losses. Players that use sports trading are merely trying to hedge their bets by playing both sides to ensure a win.

Can you make money on betting exchanges?

Betting exchange is one of the safest ways to get real money wins in online gambling. The game structure allows players to increase their odds and ultimately, their total payout. 

But you said some betting sites offer betting exchanges powered by Betfair. How is that possible?

Betfair runs one of the largest betting exchange operations in the world and it distributes some bet exchanges through its affiliates. These affiliates are usually other betting sites that cannot manage their independent betting exchange operation and have to rely on betfair to connect interested players.

Can I access Betfair using VPN?

Betfair runs most of its operation from its headquarters in London, making it an offshore betting site in other places. Countries like India that have heavy gambling gaming restrictions also deter players by blocking direct betting access. The restriction means you need an effective VPN before you can enjoy quality betting exchange services from Betfair.

What are some Betfair alternatives in India?

Indian has several quality betting exchange platforms including Crickex, Satbet, Exchmarket and Fun88.

What are some of the best betting exchange sites in India?

Some of the top betting exchange sites in India include Fun88, Exchmarket, Crickex, WinDaddy and Dafabet. The

Can I bet on all sports with these betting exchanges?

Betting exchange is a rewarding way to bet on any activity, but it is most effective when the players are betting on sports. All sports have better odds and higher payout rates when the players bet on them through betting exchange.

What happened to the 1xBet betting exchange?

1xBet exchange remains one of the biggest betting exchange platforms across the world.The platform has gained a positive reputation for giving some of the best deals. 1xBet exchange takes a small 6% commission off every win, making it one of the most rewarding betting exchange platforms in India.

Are there betting exchange apps?

Yes, betting exchange sites are now adapting to modern needs by creating their own mobile apps. These apps encourage convenient gameplay and increase the users’ access to excellent betting options. The top betting exchange sites in India also have mobile apps for their betting requirements.

Lastly, why should I use a betting exchange over a conventional sportsbook?

Betting exchange sites offer some of the best gambling experience with their peer gaming system and high payouts. Betting exchange also gives you better control over your gaming experience without any interference from bookmakers.